NWH Staff

Robert Allen

nwh-staffer-bob-allenRetired from General Motors, Bob is pursuing a second career as a writer. Having been frustrated as a writer when he wrote “Robinson Crusoe on Mars” in the 6th grade then finding out that a movie of that name had already been made, he gave up on writing and went in other directions.

Pursuing other jobs and careers such as flower delivery driver, stand-up comic (where he met his wife), clown, actor, and finally settling on tool & die tech.

After retiring, he realized that his lifelong love of reading might give him an idea about what might make a good read, so he has embarked on another try at putting words on paper in an entertaining way.



Monique Gooch

nwh-staffer-monique-goochMonique grew up in the Bluegrass state and currently resides in Music City. She is the author of new adult & adult commercial fiction, along with erotica. She has three short stories self-published on Amazon and two novels in progress.

Monique currently works alongside New York Times Best-selling author Cherie Bennett as the manager at the Nashville Writers House. She also hosts her own writers group in Hermitage, TN. She is a critique partner, beta reader line editor and content editor.



Kay Elam


A born and bred southern belle, Kay took a circuitous route to writing. Her previous career was business management and sales which, as it turned out, included a lot of creative writing.

She has published short stories in multiple anthologies and is currently working on a murder mystery series located in Nashville. She can be followed on Twitter at @kayelamwrites and on her blog www.kayelam.com. She lives in Nolensville, TN with her husband, Greg



Rebecca “Becks” Kojetin


Rebecca “Becks” Kojetin grew up in Northern Illinois, but relocated to Middle Tennessee in 2015. She has poems and short stories published in a couple of different anthologies, and received “Judge’s Choice” award for her poem “Immigrant” published in “The Word of Art”. Rebecca is working on editing and polishing her first novel.

In addition to writing, Rebecca is a member of Maury County Toastmasters (a speaking group) and plays violin with the Spring Hill Orchestra.




Ed Gregory


Ed is a husband, father, grandfather, and Vietnam Vet. He is retired from civilian careers in journalism and information technology. He was a long-time staffer for The Tennessean; served on the Money desk at USA Today covering markets and business features, and was a freelance writer and regular contributor to technology and finance trade magazines such as Datamation, MISWeek, and Southern Banker.

He has returned to writing, producing short stories and flash fiction, and is working on two science fiction novels and one non-fiction book pertaining to our increasingly violent society.  Ed serves as Webmaster for Nashville Writers House.