Possibly the most important hours you will ever spend on your writing.

Picture it: Talented, committed, hard-working creative writers circling a chark-filled moat. On the other side is what feels like the lofty, but unattainable, Kingdom – creative writers who get paid for, and even make their living from, their writing. The question is how do you get there, too?

Most of the so-called information on the Internet is too generic to be useful, or it is completely false. Nothing there will give you the keys to the kingdom. Really learning the business side of your art – which is absolutely crucial – is like learning a new language with a secret handshake. In other words, you learn it from someone who already knows it and will pass the truth, in detail, on to you.

When looking for a writing mentor, look for someone whose writing you admire, who has the unique skills to mentor well and truly loves to do it; someone with whom you feel a connection. This is completely different that what to look for in a business of writing mentor.

No matter how excellent a writer, how many lofty degrees, you need to look at the writer’s resume and see if/when/by whom they have been published/produced. There are wonderful writers out there who are great mentors, but if they have not been able to get their own work published, what makes you think they could help you achieve the goal they’ve been unable to achieve for themselves?

I’ve been fortunate enough to be a successful creative writer, both artistically and commercially (how I make my living) for many years and gratefully continue to be one. I didn’t know sqat when I started. I know a lot now; I live it every day. That is why I can pass the truth, complete with “secret handshake,” on to you.

Wherever you are on your writing journey, what you learn in this workshop will be applicable when you are ready to pursue publication. And it will help keep you from making common crucial errors that can ruin a career before it even gets started.


SYNOPSIS: How to write one that is professional, fresh, that stands out from the crowd. Samples of successful synopses that have attracted real agents, where the work has become published or produced. You will have the opportunity to work on a synopsis, bring it in for critique, and rewrite. Learning this is crucial. It also includes how to do a verbal pitch, elevator pitch, log line, and breaking the rules.

SUBMISSION: When, where, how, to whom? What are the pitfalls that can take a career down before it’s even started. We’ll even address listening to the wrong people.

AGENTS/MANAGERS: This is a title anyone can give themselves. What exactly is an agent/manager, what will they do for you, what won’t they do for you? How do you get a real one?

MONEY & CONTRACTS: The truth, facts, and figures. What do you pay agents or managers? Who holds the rights to your work? How to ensure your work is not stolen or ripped off? What are writers paid for writing a book, a screenplay, a play, a teleplay, etc. What are royalties and residuals, and how are they paid? Handouts include actual contracts, royalty and residual statements.

PUBLISHED: Congrats! Now what? The truth – from self-publishing to small niche publishers to the biggest publishing houses or production companiies. What will and won’t they do for you? How to market yourself and your work in a unique way. Putting toether a savvy, detailed plan. Samples and examples of success.

Many handouts, including novels in progress with editor’s notes from major publishing companies such as Random House, proposals for TV series, TV scripts from actual shows on air marked by writers. Samples of the difference between writing for prime time and daytime. And how the hell do you get your foot in the revolving door?

SKYPE SESSIONS WITH TOP PEOPLE IN THIS FIELD: Agents, Producers, Writers, etc. from NYC and LA. The opportunity to interface with them directly.

SCHEDULE (4:00 – 8:00 pm)
1. Sunday, June 25, 2017
2. Sunday, July 9, 2017
3. Sunday, July 23, 2017
4. Sunday, August 6, 2017

WORKSHOP LOCATION: Hillsborough Village (off 21st Ave) 1900 Acklen Avenue, Apt 1511


Email: writersmind2009@gmail. com (In the subject line of the email, put the name of the workshop: Business of Creative Writing Workshop.)
Phone in your reservation: 615/712-8666

In your message please state that you are registering for the BUSINESS OF CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP. Also, make sure to include your FULL NAME, CELL PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS (so we can email you a confirmation).

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Mail your registration fee to:

SHARON BERMAN (make the check out to this name as well)

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